Cold Beer Surf Club: Behind The Scenes of EP 01

Cold Beer Surf Club: Behind The Scenes of EP 01

Cold Beer Surf Club episode 01 guest Chris Shiflett is back with host Conner Coffin in this behind-the-scenes snippet recorded well after we locked up our podcast studio. Here, Chris makes a visit to Conner's home (but mostly his modified garage slash board room) in Santa Barbara to chat surfboards, breaks, and trade surf stories from their respective lives on tour.

And, of course, after thumbing through some of Conner's select models and chatting about each one's intricacies, Chris gets bit by the surf bug and wants to hit the water. So, they load up Conner's truck and get on the road to see what the stretch of coast between Santa Barbara and Ventura has to offer on a sunny winter day.

New episodes of the Cold Beer Surf Club podcast drop monthly. Catch up on the episode 001 now, and stay tuned right here for episodes 02, 03, and beyond soon


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